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What is a Public Adjuster

Public Adjusters work solely to protect the interests of the victim who suffered claim related damages to their property. Your insurance has a professional team of adjusters and claim handlers which help them settle the claim and represent their insurance company. Why not have a professional team of Public Adjusters that will fully handle and settle the claim on your behalf?

Our Public Adjusters are

in accordance with state laws to act on behalf of the property owner. The Public Adjuster only represents the property owner in their claim against the insurance company.

They are the watchdogs of the industry.

The job and focus of a Public Adjuster is to maximize claim benefits for property owners – the clients. We do so on a daily basis.

Why Choose Us?

Navigating through an insurance claim may be daunting due to the amount of time and all the steps needed to get full coverage, not to mention how confusing it can be to understand the paperwork your insurance requires once you file a claim.


At Prime Claim Services we assist our clients with policy review, claim management, claim settlement and we ensure that, where needed, we maximize your financial claim outcome. Claims that cause any type of loss and interruption to your home or business can be a source of much unwanted stress. Our job is to make the claim process stress free for you and your loved ones.

Our job is to make the claim process stress free for you and your loved ones.

Prime Claim Services

License No: 3000279007

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