What We Provide

If your residential or commercial property encounters damages or losses caused by hail, fire, high winds, flood or any other type of covered claim loss, Prime Claim Services Inc. can handle your claim in an efficient manner, providing (free of charge) all the necessary structural and personal property claim damage assessment and valuation


(40+ mph)

It doesn't take a hurricane to cause significant damage to your property

Common Damages:

Missing and/or damaged roofing system

Missing and/or damaged siding



Tree/branch fallen on house

Flying objects breaking windows



If your home has been hit by hail, it can be difficult to spot the damage. Many homeowners don't even know that their house has been damaged by hail and may fail to promptly file their hail damage insurance claim. Hail damage brings the value of your property down.

Common Damages:

Missing and/or damaged roofing system;

Roof leaks;

Dented aluminum siding;

Dented soft metals (window wraps, fascia and gutters

Note: If left unchecked dents on soft metals can/will oxidize


Recovering from a fire in your home can be an overwhelming experience. Even the smallest of fires can lead to a complicated insurance claim, especially when the additional damages caused by smoke and water are factored in.

Common Damages:

Loss of support beams



Electric wiring




Loss of personal items



Water damage - whether from freezing pipes, a burst feeder hose or water pipe, or other sudden, accidental incident - is the second most frequent type of residential property insurance claim in the U.S.

Common Damages:

Flooded basement;

Cracks/leaks in foundation flood and/or walls;

Plumbing malfunction;

Loss of personal items;